Undeclared Emergency in India By Pm Narendra Modi

Big Earthquake Shakes Delhi-NCR – 7.2 Magnitude!

Jan 22, 2024

On Monday, Delhi and nearby areas felt a strong earthquake. It was a big one, measuring 7.2 on the scale that measures earthquakes. The middle of the earthquake was in the border between China and Nepal. The shaking went on for a long time, making people in many places worried.

How Big and Where: The earthquake was really strong, like a 7.2 on a scale. The middle part was in the border area between China and Nepal. It happened at 11:39 AM, and it was about 80 meters below the ground.


What it Means: This earthquake can be very dangerous, especially in places where a lot of people live. Scientists say some places are not as dangerous (Zone 2), but some are really risky (Zone 5), like Mumbai and Delhi.

Staying Safe: After an earthquake, it’s important to be safe. People suggest being careful and knowing the risks in different areas. We should try to do things that make us safer.

Why Earthquakes Happen: Earthquakes happen when parts under the ground move. It’s like when big puzzle pieces push against each other. When they move, it can shake the ground.

earthquake in delhi ncr

Being Safe: If there’s an earthquake, it’s good to stay calm. We should go outside if we can or find a safe place indoors. If we’re driving, we should stop the car away from bridges and stay inside until the shaking stops.

The End: As Delhi and nearby areas deal with this big earthquake, it’s important for everyone to be careful. Earthquakes remind us to be ready and do things that keep us safe, especially in places where there might be more earthquakes.

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Undeclared Emergency in India By Pm Narendra Modi

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