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Top 7 News Channels in India 2024: Contact Information

Dec 26, 2023

In our big world with lots of people, things are happening all the time in every part of the Earth. We find out about these happenings from the internet, newspapers, and news channels. Right now, everyone knows that news and media play a big role. The media is really important for India. It helps us stay connected to every part of the country.

Hindi and English news channels in India do a big job in making sure people get the right information. They help in the development of the country by sharing important news.

Top 7 News Channels in India 2024 Contact Information

Here is the list of top 7 news channels in India 2024 with contact information are:

1. India Today

India Today holds the top position among the top 7 news channels in India. This 24×7 television channel is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and focuses on broadcasting news, recent events, and business programs across India. It operates in English and is owned by TV Today Network Ltd, a subsidiary of Living Media.

Here are some key points about India Today:

  1. Inception and Affiliation: India Today was launched in 2003 as a sister channel to the Hindi media outlet Aaj Tak. It is part of the TV Today Network, which owns other news channels like Aaj Tak, Tez, and previously Delhi Aaj Tak (closed in 2020).
  2. Ownership: TV Today Network Ltd, a subsidiary of Living Media, owns India Today.
  3. Leadership: Alok Verma was appointed as the Executive Producer to facilitate India Today’s entry into the English news channel market.
  4. Controversies: In September 2015, the channel faced allegations of unethical exploitation of recordings and airing content that was criticized as sexist.

Contact Information of India Today News Channel:

2. Aaj Tak

As of the latest rankings, Aaj Tak secures the second position among the top 7 news channels in India. Aaj Tak is a widely recognized Hindi-language news channel operated by TV Today Network, which is a division of the New Delhi-based Living Media company. Noteworthy points about Aaj Tak include:

  1. Establishment: Aaj Tak is one of India’s earliest Hindi news channels, first airing on Doordarshan’s DD Metro channel in 1995 as a 10- to 20-minute news program.
  2. Evolution: Initially starting as a news program, Aaj Tak transformed into an independent news channel in December 1999, becoming the country’s first 24×7 news channel in the Hindi language.
  3. Popularity: Aaj Tak is renowned as India’s most popular Hindi news channel and holds the distinction of being the most followed Indian news channel on YouTube.
  4. Presenters: Surendra Pratap Singh was one of the presenters during Aaj Tak’s early days, contributing to the channel’s initial growth.

Contact Information of Aaj Tak News Channel:

3. ABP News

As of the latest rankings, ABP News holds the third position among the top 7 news channels in India. ABP Network Pvt Ltd, established in 1998, operates ABP News. Key details about ABP News include:

  1. Establishment: ABP News was launched in 1998 as a free-to-air Hindi news network in India.
  2. Ownership: It is run by ABP Group, a prominent media company in India. Before being acquired by ABP Group, the channel was known as STAR News.
  3. Headquarters: The headquarters of ABP Network Pvt Ltd is located in Noida, India.
  4. Multilingual Content: ABP Network provides news, entertainment, and digital content in various languages, making it incredibly popular in India.
  5. English News Platform: ABP Live, an English news platform, is also operated by ABP Network, offering a broader audience base.
  6. YouTube Presence: ABP News is available on YouTube under the title ABP News, contributing to its widespread accessibility and audience reach.
  7. Success Factors: The channel has been successful over the years due to its crisp and authentic news delivery by various anchors in a refined manner.

Contact Information of ABP News Channel:

4. Times Now

As of the latest rankings, The Times Group holds the fourth position among the top 7 news channels in India. The group is notable for owning and operating The Times Now, an English language news channel. The channel officially launched on January 23, 2006, in collaboration with Reuters. While it began as a free-to-air service, it later transitioned into a paid television service accessible throughout India.

Notably, The Times Now channel held the position of India’s leading and most-watched English news channel until the year 2016. However, following the departure of Arnab Goswami, the previous editor-in-chief, the channel experienced a shift in its viewership dynamics. Since 2016, The Times Now has consistently ranked as the second most-viewed English news channel in India. It is surpassed in viewership only by Republic TV, led by Arnab Goswami, with the caveat that Republic TV has a broader terrestrial coverage. The ranking positions reflect the competitive landscape of English news

Contact Information of Times Now Channel:

5. India Tv

As of the latest rankings, India TV holds the fifth position among the top 7 news channels in India. India TV is a popular Hindi news channel situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Here are some key details about India TV:

  1. Founders and Establishment: Founded on May 20, 2004, by Rajat Sharma and his wife Ritu Dhawan.
  2. Parent Company: India TV is a division of Independent News Service (INS), which was co-founded by Rajat Sharma and Ritu Dhawan in 1997.
  3. Location: The channel’s headquarters and Broadcast Center are located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Broadcast Center is specifically situated in Sector 85, Noida.
  4. Background: Rajat Sharma, the founder of India TV, had previously hosted Aap Ki Adalat on Zee News and Janata Ki Adalat on Star News before venturing into founding India TV.
  5. Launch: India TV was launched in April 2004 from a facility in Film City, Noida.

India TV has become known for its Hindi news coverage and is recognized as a prominent player in the Indian media.

Contact Information of India Tv Channel:

6. NDTV India

As of the latest rankings, NDTV India holds the sixth position among the top 7 news channels in India. New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) is the owner of NDTV India, which is a Hindi language news channel. Key information about NDTV India includes:

  1. Ownership: NDTV is owned by New Delhi Television Limited, a leading media company in India.
  2. International Expansion: In June 2016, NDTV announced plans to launch two individual stations in the United Kingdom, named NDTV India and NDTV Spice.
  3. Leadership: Prannoy Roy serves as the chairperson of NDTV, and Radhika Roy, his spouse, is the managing director. They were instrumental in the formulation of NDTV.
  4. Historical Significance: NDTV gained prominence by creating the news and current affairs program “The World This Week” for Doordarshan in 1988. This program was well-received, establishing NDTV as a private news provider and producer.
  5. Role in Indian Media: NDTV became a major provider of news content and producer for India’s premier 24×7 news channel, Star News.
  6. Launch of Channels: NDTV expanded its presence by launching two 24-hour news channels on April 15, 2003 – NDTV 24×7 in English and NDTV India in Hindi.

NDTV India has played a significant role in Indian news broadcasting, providing news and current affairs content to a diverse audience.

Contact Information of NDTV India Channel:

7. Zee News

As of the latest rankings, Zee News holds the seventh position among the top 7 news channels in India. Zee News is a prominent Hindi-language news channel that debuted in 1999. Key information about Zee News includes:

  1. Establishment: Zee News was established on August 27, 1999, initially as Zee Sports Ltd.
  2. Headquarters: The head office of Zee News is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
  3. Popularity and Reach: Zee News is recognized as one of India’s most popular news channels with a wide viewership. It is part of the Essel Group and is affiliated with sister channels such as Zee Business, Zee 24 Taas, 24 Ghanta, Zee Kalinga, and more.
  4. Ownership: The Essel Group, a prominent conglomerate, is the parent firm of Zee News.
  5. Corporate Restructuring: Zee News underwent corporate restructuring. It was initially established as Zee Sports Ltd and later reincorporated as Zee News Ltd on May 27, 2004. In 2013, it was further renamed Zee Media Corporation Limited.
  6. Affiliation and Language Coverage: Zee News is affiliated with other sister news networks that provide coverage not only in Hindi but also in English and several regional Indian languages.
  7. Leadership: Subhash Chandra, a Rajya Sabha member supported by the Bharatiya Janata Party, serves as the chairman of the Essel Group, the owner of Zee News. Sudhir Chaudhary is the editor-in-chief of Zee News and the host of the channel’s news programs.

Contact Information of Zee News Channel:

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