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Unearthing of Lord Vishnu Idol: Startling Discovery in Ganj Basoda, Madhya Pradesh

Aug 25, 2023

The astonishing incident in Gajnai village, Ganj Basoda, where an overnight excavation near Mata Mandir led to the unexpected unveiling of a Lord Vishnu idol. Follow the unfolding story as authorities delve into the mysterious find, leaving the community in awe and anticipation.

MP Platform Dug Up By Unidentified Persons In Greed Of Treasure In Ganj Basoda, Idol Of Lord Vishnu Found

Ganj Basoda, Madhya Pradesh – In an unexpected turn of events, unidentified individuals in the Gajnai village of Ganj Basoda embarked on a late-night excavation near the revered Mata Mandir on Wednesday. Their motivation? A suspicion that untold riches lay concealed beneath the platform.

The discovery sent shockwaves through the village as locals stumbled upon the disturbed platform on Thursday morning. Promptly, they alerted the local authorities, setting off a chain of events that would lead to an astonishing revelation.

Local law enforcement promptly responded to the call and initiated a thorough investigation at the site. As the excavation continued, the unexpected happened. A remarkable idol of Lord Vishnu emerged from the depths below. The police swiftly secured the sacred artifact and placed it under protective custody at the city’s police station.

Sources within the police department disclosed that the archaeological department has been officially informed of this extraordinary find, and they will be taking charge of the case’s further investigation.

Residents of Ganj Basoda have expressed their astonishment, noting that such an occurrence is unprecedented in their village’s history. The incident has sparked excitement and curiosity within the community as they await the outcomes of the archaeological inquiry.

This unexpected event has undoubtedly left the village of Ganj Basoda in awe and anticipation of what further revelations might arise from this captivating discovery. Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds.

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